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Meditation and relaxation combined with a healthy diet and is the most successful recipe in regards to an improved health’s condition! First of all, we are defined not only by what we eat, but also by our entire lifestyle!

A healthy diet means eating healthy foods in regular quantities, but also combining them in between in order to provide our body daily minerals, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids and carbs! If an improved health condition means eating healthy most of the times, do not think at a diet as a drudgery that you need to include in your life. Just think about it as an important element which is meant to increase your immunity system’s rate!

And not only that your health will increase, you will have the chance to eat healthy foods- fresh fruits and vegetables, salmon, yoghourts and dairy mostly, eggs, fibers, white meat etc. Daily exercise is mandatory! And you can start with easy trainings and then tone your body the right way. In this way you will detoxify and destress your body, you will reshape your entire figure, fat is transformed into muscles mass and if at the beginning you did not liked exercise, in the end it will become part of your lifestyle and you will not be able to lose it!

For a long life and for a healthy life, without diseases along with your diet you also need to exercise daily! For the beginning try twice a week trainings and you will see how good you will feel after a set of trainings! Meditation, relaxation and positive thinking are also important in order to improve your health’s condition, your lifestyle and in the end to make you feel a brand new person! By meditating you will lose stress, you will clear your mind and your body mind and soul will be in a perfect balance! Meditation brings relaxation; after each session of meditation you feel better, you can rest better because sleeping is the next step- and it should be, as a strong prove that you have destressed your body and that you have cleaned your mind! The truth is that for a daily energy dosage, you need to sleep well and to lose stress. Positive thinking is another important step in order to be healthy. Most of the times our mind is our strongest enemy and by amplifying all we see problems where there are none! That’s why positive thinking is important, it makes you smarter and it will increase your immunity! Try to see the good side of things and focus on that, without losing contact with reality. You rather have everything in a perfect balance and all the above mentioned things can lead you to that perfect balance! Is up to you to keep your life on the right track and also your health condition! It is mandatory to think about your health first and to do things that makes you happy or which can increase your health’s rate.


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