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Afesanh Mesgur
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I have worse than it back here on her

Postado em 9 dezembro 2014 às 11:28 0 Comentários

I have worse than it back here on her monitor you're under stress is afactor but we lost Paul Gary but welcome back thinking I'll I'll heard about Kati UK's is everything alright think my worstblame you I'm really Trimble let it derail me move becausethat's when do the math all you can do is everything you can do at home coming into the nine-month way and I'm alittle nervous because my focus has been off so Ialready know that I didn't do as well as I should have soI know it ship gal…


When in the one that showsjust it was

Postado em 1 dezembro 2014 às 7:04 0 Comentários

When in the one that showsjust it was uses the grease experiences fighter pro in my good friend when mister olympiatoday came together at that nineteeneighty-four must only be a when I raise my on them victory man I'd I feel novels on popular European had no down holes they did not thank God for one year dont know what he is whathe had lower me to do %um this 20-year-old 21-year-old cockykid Fig man I could go ready to the misterLibya mom get on with the show and I still reviews you know …


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