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5 Efficient Tips for Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

No one will ever tell you that writing is easy. You need to generate a huge number of ideas and develop some of them into the messages that no one expects to find in your paper. This is especially important for writing academic essays, like cause and effect papers that are considered to be one of the most complicated types of writing for many students.


They think it’s difficult because here, they do not just retell the ideas or describe the results of their personal research. In cause and effect essay, they are to find out how causes and effects of the same event are interconnected. This requires analytical thinking, creativity, and the ability to compare facts and evidence.


So how to simplify the process of writing this type of paper? Everything’s easy when you have these 5 tips that make your writing efficient!


-          Brainstorm the ideas


The first 10 ideas that come to your mind are the ideas that everyone else will use. If you want to create a stunning essay, you are to forget about common approaches and use some unexpected but decent ideas. To define them, try the brainstorming technique. According to it, you just need to write down everything that comes to your mind, no matter how crazy your thoughts are.


First, it will be rather difficult for you to generate lots of ideas, but in 10 minutes, you will notice that you no longer think about the ideas, you just write them down.


After you make a list of the ideas that suit your essay, you need to define those that perfectly suit the theme and the main message that you want to send.


-          Ideas should support the message


You may generate a huge number of perfect ideas that do not suit the main message of your essay and in this case, you don’t need to use them. Although they are great, they do not support the main message of your essay, so they are simply useless.


Also, you need to make sure that the ideas not only support the main message, but they are also interconnected and explain and support each other.


-          One paragraph – one idea


Many students forget that an essay should always be coherent and cohesive. They present their ideas randomly, so it’s hard to understand what exactly the person was trying to tell. If you don’t want to have such an effect on your reader, do remember that each idea should be presented in one paragraph.


Therefore, the structure of an essay that has 3 ideas will be the following:

-          Paragraph 1: Introduction

-          Paragraph 2: Idea 1

-          Paragraph 3: Idea 2

-          Paragraph 4: Idea 3

-          Paragraph 5: Conclusion


-           Use unexpected causes


It’s rather easy to find an effect in the text, but it won’t be too easy to find a cause. However, frequently, there are many causes of certain effects and your task is to find them. It will be a little bit challenging, indeed, but the results will surprise you and the lecturer who will read your essay.


This type of essay helps to define the ability to think critically and the creativity of a student, so don’t hesitate to show these traces of your personality in your writing.


-          Always proofread


No matter how great your ideas are, you won’t ever get an A grade if your paper is full of mistakes. Before you submit it to the lecturer, always check it for mistakes first. You can do that on your own or make use of the professional help. Also, you can edit and proofread your paper with online spellcheckers. There is a huge number of free options, so you don’t need to spend money on that.


Writing an essay will never be a problem again, as you have the list of tips and recommendations that make this process easier. Just do remember that academic writing has some rules and you need to follow them no matter what happens.

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